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More High Impact: Lockout / Tagout Safety Training
Product Code: HILO
Running Time: 21 minutes Each Ver.

As part of the best selling “High Impact Series”, this dynamic program shows viewers that a commitment to safety procedures following Lockout / Tagout or LOTO, will assure workplace safety and can even save a life.  Lockout / Tagout training follows OSHA regulations by isolating and disconnecting all sources of hazardous energy to a machine, device or piece of equipment. Examples of the graphic nature of the training video are given below:
  • Six accidents involving unverified lock out or tag out.
  • Unauthorized employee crushed when machine cycles unexpectedly.
  • Failure to use assist device and/or lockout results in mangled arm.
  • Not verifying a Zero Energy State leads to arc flash injuries.
  • Maintenance worker killed after Group Lockout mistake.
  • Shortcut to save time results in severe burns and permanent disfigurement.
  • Worker's arm severely injured on sheet metal conveyor.
Promotional Special - BOTH Graphic & Non-Graphic Versions on a single DVD!

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More High Impact: Lockout / Tagout Safety Training

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