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Harassment: Keeping It Out of the Workplace
Product Code: HKW
Running Time: 17 minutes

This program is designed to provide the viewer with a better understanding of the destructive and negative consequences of workplace harassment. This program will define and discuss the most common forms of this behavior, and will suggest methods and actions that can be taken to help eliminate its occurrence.
  • A very unique approach where scenarios are rolled out...the director yells "cut"...and the characters, as well as the filming crew, discuss if the situation constituted harassment.
  • Discussion-oriented program without a presenter or "talking head".
  • Sexual Harassment vignette.
  • Abuse of Power or Authority (bullying) vignette.
  • Discrimination of a person with a disability vignettes.
  • Racism vignette.
  • Verbal Abuse by a customer / client vignette.

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Harassment: Keeping It Out of the Workplace

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