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First Aid: Until Help Arrives
Product Code: FAID
Running Time: 22 minutes

Your employees never know when they'll have to respond to an injured co-worker, so it is crucial that they know what to do until help arrives. In this program, best-selling author/EMT Martin Lesperance shares experiences and tips he's learned from 25 years of working in emergency services while showing viewers how to respond in a variety of emergency situations.
  • How to assess an emergency situation and control the hazards present.
  • How to approach a person who has suffered an injury.
  • How to properly administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
  • How to respond to an unconscious person who may or may not be vomiting.
  • How to approach co-workers who show the signs and symptoms of heart attack.
  • How to treat victims who are bleeding, in shock or have suffered a fracture.
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First Aid Until Help Arrives

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