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High Impact: Eye Safety
Product Code: ES
Running Time: 20 minutes

As part our best-selling "High Impact Series", this dynamic program shows viewers that a commitment to eye safety is the key to maintaining an injury-free workplace or even saving ones sight. Filled with re-creations of actual accidents from OSHA files, this film has proven to be a highly effective training tool through its scared-straight, graphic nature.
  • Six accidents involving eye mishaps.
  • Utility worker loses an eye while nailing a shipping crate together.
  • Metal worker loses an eye in grinding incident.
  • Safety glasses save eyesight.
  • Welder avoids eye injury through use of proper PPE.
  • Chemical goggles and prompt use of eye wash station / emergency shower prevents serious injury.
  • Worker breaks chemical line at the flange, causing corrosive to leak out into his eye.

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High Impact: Eye Safety

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