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Distracted Driving: At What Cost?
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Running Time: 14 minutes

Most drivers are unaware of how often they are distracted from the most important task at hand - driving the vehicle safely. This program is designed to raise a driver's awareness of the potentially tragic consequences of driving while distracted.
  • Driver distraction is a factor in up to 50% of vehicle crashes.
  • A wide variety of distracting devices, such as: cell phones, radios, CD players, fax machines, navigation systems, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Today's fast-paced life creating pressure to conduct other tasks while driving.
  • Two police officers respond to the site of an accident to investigate its cause. After the questioning of the involved drivers and their statements, it is determined that both drivers were at fault and the accident could have been avoided had they not been distracted.
  • Provides a course of action to prevent distractions and help keep attention focused on driving.
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Distracted Driving At What Cost

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