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Supported Scaffolding Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments
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Running Time: 17 minutes

Every day, millions of people reach the work they do by using supported scaffolds which provide a walking and working surface up off the ground.  However, scaffolds can also be hazardous and thousands of workers are injured every year and more than 50 are killed.  Employees need to know how supported scaffolds should be constructed to make them strong and secure, and what procedures they should follow to prevent mishaps and injuries.
  • The hazards that are associated with working on a supported scaffold.
  • Understand the OSHA regulations that have been established to mitigate these hazards.
  • The duties and responsibilities of the "Competent Person".
  • The work procedures in building a safe and secure framework.
  • The materials and work practices that should be used in assembling a scaffold platform.
  • How to safely get onto and off of a scaffold's work platform.
  • The equipment and safe work practices while working on scaffolds.  
  • Understand how guardrails and Personal Fall Arrest systems (PFAs) can help reduce fall hazards.
  • How toeboards, screens and debris nets can prevent injuries caused by objects that fall off a scaffold platform. 

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Supported Scaffolding Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments

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