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Managing Sleep: Feel Awake & Rested
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Running Time: 17 minutes

Fatigue, drowsiness, or just simply being too tired... poor sleep is taking a toll on society. It can affect our productivity, our social life, and even our health and safety. Fatigue can be caused by a variety of factors, from psychological causes such as stress, anxiety or depression, to physical ailments. It can even be caused by certain medications, but it is also caused by our lifestyle habits and work schedules.
  • How sleep pressure and circadian rhythm influence our need to sleep.
  • What the stages of sleep are.
  • Why it is important to manage our sleep.
  • What practices and habits to follow and develop as part of our good sleep hygiene.
  • How to stay awake and alert during odd-hour shifts.
  • Why drowsy driving is so dangerous and why we must always be aware of it.

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Managing Sleep: Feel Awake & Rested

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