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To The Point Series: Arc Flash Protection & Safe Electrical Work Practices
Product Code: TPARC
Running Time: 13 minutes

Our workplace is full of hazards that can hurt or kill us. One such hazard is the one presented by energized electrical parts which expose workers to the risk of electric shock or exposure to an arc flash. Protecting workers from these two electrical hazards can prevent injuries and save lives.  That is the point of a facility’s Electrical Safety Program and that is the point of this video.

ENGLISH and SPANISH Versions on SAME dvd.
  • What Limited and Restricted Approach Boundaries are.
  • What the Arc Flash Boundary is and how it is determined.
  • How an Incident Energy Analysis is conducted to determine the Arc Flash Boundary.
  • How the appropriate arc-rated clothing and protective equipment for a specific job are determined.
  • What the requirements of each of the four PPE Categories are.
  • How an electrically safe condition is created.

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