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Breathe Safely: The Proper Use of Respiratory Protection
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Exposure to the gases, dusts, mists, and fumes of hazardous chemicals can cause lung damage, cancer, and other serious conditions of the respiratory and central nervous systems as well as other organs. Your organization has implemented a written respiratory protection program to protect workers from the adverse health effects of airborne contaminants while performing your job. The purpose of this program is to provide employees with an understanding of the respiratory hazards they may encounter in their work areas and how to use the proper respiratory protection to prevent exposures to such hazards.
  • How medical evaluations and fit tests are conducted.
  • What the efficiency ratings and classes of particulate filter respirators are.
  • Why it is critical to use the proper cartridges in chemical cartridges and replace them according to schedule.
  • What the benefits of using a powered-air purifying (PAPR) are.
  • Why an SCBA or SAR must be worn in IDLH atmospheres.
  • How to perform both a positive and negative pressure user seal check.
  • How to properly clean, disinfect and store a respirator.

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Breathe Safely: The Proper Use of Respiratory Protection

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