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To The Point Series: Responding to Violent Behavior or an Active Shooter
Product Code: TPRVB
Running Time: 13 minutes

Our workplace is full of hazards that can hurt or kill us.  One such hazard is the one presented by violent behavior or an active shooter armed with a gun or other weapon.  Knowing how to respond when confronted with workplace violence can prevent injuries and fatalities.  That is the point of a facility’s plan for responding to these types of emergencies and that is the point of this video.

ENGLISH and SPANISH Versions on SAME dvd.
  • How to respond calmly and appropriately during an emergency.
  • What indicators to look out for that indicate the potential for violent behavior.
  • How to respond when confronted in a violent manner.
  • What to do when fleeing the scene of an active shooter.
  • How to properly hide or fight back against a shooter.
  • How to respond when law enforcement arrives at an active shooter event.

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