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To The Point Series: Personal Fall Arrest Systems
Product Code: TPFAS
Running Time: 14 minutes

Our workplace is full of hazards that can hurt or kill us. One such hazard is presented by elevated working surfaces where there is the potential for a fall. Should a fall occur, the proper use of a personal fall arrest system can prevent injuries and save lives. That is the point of a facility’s fall protection program and that is the point of this video.

ENGLISH and SPANISH Versions on SAME dvd.
  • How to properly inspect and put on a full body harness.
  • How to select, inspect and connect a connecting device properly.
  • Why anchor points must be verified and approved.
  • How to calculate the total fall distance.
  • How to use self-retracting lifelines properly.
  • Why it is important to plan for rescue and survival after a fall event.

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