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To The Point Series: Safe Forklift Operation
Product Code: TPSFO
Running Time: 12 minutes

Our workplace is full of hazards that can hurt or kill us. One such hazard is the one presented by the unsafe operation of powered industrial trucks commonly called forklifts or lift trucks. Ensuring that drivers operate forklifts in a safe manner can prevent injuries and save lives. That is the point of a facility’s policies regarding powered industrial trucks and that is the point of this video.

ENGLISH and SPANISH Versions on SAME dvd. 
  • What to look for when performing a pre-operational inspection.
  • How to keep a forklift’s center of gravity inside its stability triangle to prevent tip-overs.
  • How to safely lift and place loads.
  • Which safe driving techniques to practice to avoid injuries and property damage.
  • What precautions to take when working on loading docks and inside trailers.

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