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Hearing Conservation & You
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Running Time: 20 minutes

Follow along as Steve, Jerry and a group of co-workers receive their annual training on hearing conservation.  Steve doesn’t take the issue of hearing loss seriously and continually disregards the need for hearing protection at home and at work.  As time passes, Steve develops the symptoms of hearing loss due to his poor choices regarding hearing protection. Watching the example of Steve’s poor attitude and subsequent hearing loss will convince your employees to protect their hearing at home and at work.
  • How noise can damage our hearing.
  • How to fit earplugs and earmuffs and the importance of wearing them when harmful noise is present.
  • How the medical surveillance program is used to recognize and help prevent employee hearing loss.
  • Why it is important to protect hearing when performing off-job activities.
  • What the signs and symptoms of hearing loss are.

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Hearing Conservation & You

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