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Sandy's Story: Complacency in the Workplace
Product Code: SNDY
Running Time: 11 minutes

Complacency—we’ve all heard the word. We’ve been warned about it. Butch Evans never thought he was complacent about his safety, but we’ll never know what he was thinking during the safety meeting on lockout / tagout. We’ll never know because 30 minutes after the meeting, Butch was dead. In this dramatic, heartfelt video, Butch’s mother, Sandy, tells the tragic story of the loss of her son. She tells this story to help save others from the heartbreak she came to know the day Butch was killed on the job.
  • What the basic characteristics of complacency are.
  • What happened on the day Butch died.
  • What lessons can be learned from Butch’s death.
  • Why we must give every task our full attention.

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Sandy's Story: Complacency in the Workplace

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