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I Chose To Look The Other Way: Three Stories of Workplace Safety
Product Code: DONM
Running Time: 13 minutes

This is the 2nd installment of our best-selling, behavioral-based program which brings Don Merrell's popular "I Chose To Look the Other Way" safety poem to life.  In this dramatic program, viewers will witness examples of three common scenarios where workers see something...but don't say something.  Your employees will learn that the root cause of each incident was a reluctance to speak up. They will be convinced that speaking up about unsafe acts is critical in the prevention of workplace injuries.
  • A "must see" if you do any behavioral-based training…no mater what type of industry!
  • Three story lines featuring a failure to follow lockout/tagout, an employee neglecting to wear PPE, and a worker choosing not to wear fall protection.
  • Some other safety concerns covered in the video include supervisors, rushing, habits, shift work and intimidation.
  • Reinforces the fact that "speaking up" about unsafe acts can save lives and help develop a positive safety culture.

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I Chose To Look the Other Way - Three Stories of Workplace Safety

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