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Electrical Safety for Everyone
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Running Time: 21 minutes

Electricity is essential to our everyday lives. With that being said, it's surprising that many of us know very little about it or the hazards it presents. Many workers don't understand the dangers of electricity and don't follow safe work practices when working with or around electricity or electrical equipment.  You don't have to be a qualified electrical worker or electrician to have a need to understand electrical safety.  In fact, all workers should know and practice basic electrical safety.
  • How electricity works and why it is dangerous.
  • How resistance relates to the flow of electricity and Ohm's law.
  • What the two concepts of electrical safety are.
  • How employees can avoid contacting energized conductors.
  • How grounding, double-insulated tools and GFCI’s protect workers from electric shock.
  • How to respond to a shock event.
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Electrical Safety for Everyone

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