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Making Safety Work: An Overview of Workplace Safety
Product Code: MSW
Running Time: 20 minutes

In just an instant, a workplace injury can transform a productive worker into one who is unable to work.  This program provides an overview of common workplace hazards and how they are to be controlled while also demonstrating the importance of each employee's commitment and participation in the safety effort. Viewers will also see how easily injuries can occur when employees decide not to take responsibility for their safety.
  • Why all workers must understand the importance of the facility’s lockout/tagout program.
  • What types of personal protective equipment is available and when it should be used.
  • What precautions to take to protect against contact with bloodborne pathogens.
  • Why untrained and unauthorized workers should not enter confined spaces.
  • How the GHS / Hazard Communication Program works to convey information about hazardous chemicals.
  • How good housekeeping practices reduce the risk of fires and injuries.
  • How to avoid injuries when traveling through the workplace as a pedestrian.

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Making Safety Work: An Overview of Workplace Safety

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