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Operator - Forklift Safety Lessons for the Safe Operator
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Running Time: 15 minutes

Each year, nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 seriously injured in forklift-related accidents. Forklift operators play a vital role in preventing these incidents. By using the training they have received, staying alert to the hazards around them, and working safely with pedestrians; loads can moved securely, each and every time.  That's the purpose of this program...to show operators the safe work practices they must follow to avoid injuries and property damage.
  • Training and qualification as well as types and classes of forklifts.
  • Pre-operational inspection, mounting & exiting safely, and parking the forklift properly.
  • Preparing for hazards before traveling and the Stability Triangle.
  • Traveling with a load and safe operation around pedestrians.
  • Use of maintenance platforms, sloped surfaces and good lighting. 
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Forklift Safety Lessons for the Safe Operator

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