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Hang Up and Drive: The Jacy Good Story
Product Code: HUD
Running Time: 18 minutes

This dynamic program features Jacy Good and her fiancee Steve recalling the tragic crash that killed her parents as a result of another driver using his cell phone. In May 2008, Jacy and her parents were enjoying a great day of accomplishment...Jacy's college graduation. That day was shattered, however, when a devastating collision took the lives of Jacy's parents and left her in a coma. Her brain injury has left her with physical, speech, and cognitive impairments, but Jacy's story is an inspiration.
  • Help viewers recognize the real dangers of texting, cell phones and other distractions while driving.
  • Understand that crashes such as Jacy’ devastate the lives of many more people than those who are involved in the crash.
  • Accept the fact that crashes involving cell phone use are preventable.
  • Take specific steps to avoid cell phone use while driving that will start to change the safety culture of drivinged.
  • Recognize that each of us is responsible for our safe driving behavior.
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Hang Up And Drive: The Jacy Good Story

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