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Surviving the Fall: Your Personal Fall Arrest System
Product Code: FSF
Running Time: 20 minutes

You know what they say, "It’s not the fall that gets you, it’s the sudden stop."  The farther we fall, the more forceful and damaging that sudden stop becomes. In this program, viewers will see fall protection equipment deployed in actual fall events and learn the proper selection and use of these devices. In addition to safe work practices, such as 100 % tie-off techniques, emphasis is placed on having a rescue plan in place should a fall occur.
  • How to select an approved anchor point.
  • How to use and inspect connecting devices.
  • How to inspect and put on a body harness properly.
  • How to calculate total fall distance and prevent sudden-stop injuries.
  • How to use fall-limiting devices properly. 
  • How to prevent suspension trauma in the event of a fall.
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Surviving the Fall: Your Personal Fall Arrest System

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