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Protecting Our Sight
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Each and every day, our eyes provide the gateway that allows us to recognize and comprehend the world we work, live and play in. Because our vision is so crucial to almost all aspects of our daily lives, it’s difficult to understand why we wouldn’t protect our eyes in every instance they are at risk from hazards...yet over 2,000 workers in North America suffer some type of eye injury requiring medical treatment every day.
  • How the vision process works and the types of eye injuries.
  • The Employers Plan to prevent eye injuries and the Employee Responsibility to wear the appropriate protection.
  • Selecting the proper protective device.  Use of safety glasses, goggles and face shields.  Also, protection required for welding & laser operations.
  • Reducing lens fogging, cleaning and storage of protective devices.
  • Basic safety precautions, proper response to eye injuries and off-job safeguards. 

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Protecting Our Sight

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