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Cell Phones in the Workplace: A Dangerous Distraction
Product Code: CPWD
Running Time: 15 minutes

This program discusses how sending and receiving text messages can cause us to lose focus on doing our jobs safely and efficiently as well as the importance of always following your company’s policy regarding cell phone use. Also featured are several workplace scenarios that illustrate the tragic consequences of ignoring these policies in order to text when it is unsafe or prohibited.
  • How using cell phones at work adversely affects our production level.
  • What types of communication are inappropriate for company-owned cell phone use.
  • Why use of cell phones is prohibited in areas containing hazardous substances.
  • Why we must be able to recognize and reject our excuses for texting when it is unsafe or prohibited.
  • Why we must be willing to speak up and refuse to participate in dangerous texting or distracted phone use.
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