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The First Step & It Only Takes A Second #2
Product Code: STEP
Running Time: Two 5 minute titles

While it only takes a second to suffer a traumatic workplace injury or even death, it also only takes a second to be safe. That's the theme of these 2 new meeting opener titles on a single disk.  Viewers won't forget the powerful re-enactments and dramatic consequences illustrated in this program. The program is the perfect tool for starting any safety meeting!
  • Consists of two short titles: The First Step and It Only Takes a Second #2.
  • Candace Carnahan dramatically describes how she lost her leg along with some of the safety lessons learned from this tragedy.
  • Forces employees to think about their personal safety.
  • This follow-up to the original It Only Takes a Second is the perfect tool for grabbing your employees' attention at the start of any safety meeting. 
  • A series of bloopers and "bone-head" mistakes.
  • Suitable for all work environments.

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