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Fire Safety for Industrial Workers
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Running Time: 18 minutes

Due to the hazardous and flammable materials often used or stored at industrial facilities, fires at these locations can have disastrous consequences. In fact, 3,000 workers are injured and another 150 die each year in industrial fires. The good news is that almost all workplace fires can be prevented. That's the purpose of this program: to show the safe work practices employees should follow to reduce the risk of a workplace fire and to review things that should be done if a fire should break out.
  • Why good housekeeping and proper handling and storage of flammable materials are important in preventing industrial fires.
  • How fires are ignited and how they can be extinguished.
  • What precautions to take when electrical hazards are present or when performing hot work.
  • How to safely evacuate an area during a fire emergency.
  • What the five classes of fire are and what extinguishing agents are used to put them out.
  • How to decide when to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire; and how to use it properly utilizing the PASS method. 
  • What to do if someone suffers a fire-related injury.
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Fire Safety for Industrial Workers

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