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Fire Safety for Office Workers
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Running Time: 15 minutes

While office workers often don't think much about the potential for fire while performing their jobs, there are more than 1,000 fires in office environments each year.  Such factors as:  employee complacency; office equipment and appliances that generate heat; and large amounts of paper and other combustible materials can all contribute to office fires resulting in major property damage, serious injuries and fatalities. This program discusses how to eliminate the factors that contribute to the ignition of fires and how to respond if a fire were to break out.
  • Why good housekeeping is important in preventing office fires.
  • How to control electrical hazards that can ignite fires.
  • What employees should know as part of the company’s Emergency Action Plan.
  • How to safely evacuate an area during a fire emergency.
  • What the five classes of fire are and what extinguishing agents are used to put them out.
  • How to decide when to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire; and how to use it properly utilizing the PASS method. 
  • What to do if someone suffers a fire-related injury.
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Fire Safety for Office Workers

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