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Take Safety Home: Preventing Off-Job Injuries
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Running Time: 20 minutes

After working 25 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Martin Lesperance has treated thousands of injuries and medical emergencies. Now retired, Martin is a popular safety speaker, sharing his experiences with workers in order to prevent injuries.
  • What the repercussions of your off-job actions can be.
  • Why it is crucial to heed the warning signs and labels of equipment used away from the workplace.
  • Why wearing PPE off the job is just as important as wearing it on the job.
  • Why people must never think that motor vehicle collisions and house fires can happen to them.
  • Why we shouldn’t undertake recreational activities as if our lives depend on them.
  • Why we should take it easy on long weekends and holidays.
  • How drinking alcohol correlates to the number of off-job injuries and fatalities.

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Take Safety Home: Preventing Off-Job Injuries

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