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Small Falls Are A Big Deal
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Running Time: 19 minutes

Some of the worst fall injuries don't always involve someone plummeting from a 100-foot chemical tank; they result from simple accidents like a trip over an unsecured rug or a fall on a slippery surface.  In his fourth program, Martin Lesperance recalls stories of fall injuries he has attended during his 22 years of experience as a firefighter and paramedic.
  • Stories and re-enactments used to stress to viewers that small falls can be a big deal.
  • Wearing the proper footwear.
  • Recognizing and controlling fall hazards.
  • Maintaining situational awareness when hazards are present.
  • Keeping work areas free of unsafe conditions.
  • Transitional areas, changing walking-surface conditions, snow and ice, seeing where you are looking and moving from one level to another.
  • The importance of correcting a slip, trip or fall hazard as soon as you encounter one.

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Small Falls Are A Big Deal

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