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Promises, Promises
Product Code: PRPR
Running Time: 13 minutes

In this film, viewers will see how the choices we make about our personal safety, both on and off the job, impact our ability to keep Promises that we have made to loved-ones. Employees will always remember the program's universal theme - seemingly minor safety decisions can have huge unintended consequences.
  • Three stories of three different families whose hopes and dreams are shattered by poor safety choices.
  • A couple's retirement dreams are dashed when wife is crushed by a forklift.
  • A promise to attend son's baseball game is broken when Dad takes a shortcut at work.
  • A car crash ends newlyweds' plans for a bright future.
  • The program ends with an upbeat message, as we see each family member who made a poor decision given a "second chance" to do things the right way and see their Promises fulfilled.

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Promises, Promises

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