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More High Impact: Forklift Safety (Non-Graphic Version)
Product Code: MSAFNG
Running Time: 22 minutes

As part our best-selling "High Impact Series", this dynamic program shows viewers that a commitment to forklift safety is the key to maintaining an injury-free workplace or even saving ones life. Filled with re-creations of actual accidents from OSHA files, this film has proven to be a highly effective training tool through its scared-straight, graphic nature.
  • Five accidents involving forklift mishaps.
  • Large pipe falls from hauler and crushes pedestrians.
  • Unqualified operator drives forklift and impales worker.
  • Blocked view and high speed results in fatal collision with bicyclist.
  • Forklift with raised load hits pothole and tips over.
  • Speeding forklift turns on incline ramp and tips over.

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More High Impact: Forklift Safety

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