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The Meeting Opener Collection
Product Code: MOC
Running Time: 24 TOTAL minutes

A collection of five short meeting opener programs….
  • Thank You - Friends and family members say "thank you" to employees who have helped to keep their loved ones safe at work.  (4 minutes) 
  • Better Late Than Never - Shows that by taking a shortcut to save time, it can have devastating consequences for you and your loved ones.  (5 minutes)
  • The Widow Maker - In an ironic and tragic twist, John's widow accepts his safety award which he had just won the month before.  (7 minutes)
  • Think About This! - The graphic accidents reenacted will force your employees to think about the personal consequences of unsafe acts.  (4 minutes)
  • Will You Be Here Tomorrow? - Ten accident reenactments along with actual worker testimony, will set the tone for your next safety meeting.  (4 minutes

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