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Lessons Learned from Hand Injuries
Product Code: LLHI
Running Time: 19 minutes

From our earliest moments, we use our hands to learn, to explore and to interact with the world around us. Now, as working adults, our hands continue to be “out front,” touching, grasping, pushing, pulling and lifting our way through work and through life. Unfortunately, being “out front” can also mean being placed in danger, and sometimes things go wrong. This program features reenactments of workplace hand injury scenarios to teach valuable safety lessons.
  • Causes and effects of hand injuries.
  • Selection and use of protective gloves.
  • Nip points and entanglement hazards.
  • The use of assist devices.
  • Using hand and power tools safely.
  • Preventing Cumulative Trauma Disorders.

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Lessons Learned from Hand Injuries

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