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Life & Death: Lockout / Tagout Safety
Product Code: LDLTS
Running Time: 19 minutes

As a subdivision of our best-selling "High Impact Series", this program has a very unique approach where it starts on the scene of an accident and works backwards. With the characters and audience playing the part of an accident investigator, they use the clues to solve the mystery of how the incident occurred. This film has proven to be a highly effective training tool through its scared-straight, graphic nature.
  • Five accidents involving lockout / tagout mishaps.
  • Maintenance mechanic removes lock on drive chain and severs fingers.
  • Series of mistakes results in facial injury.
  • Unauthorized employee fails to do complete lockout and suffers steam burns.
  • Leg and foot are crushed by force of gravity.
  • Worker killed in baler.

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Life & Death: Lockout / Tagout Safety

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