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Keys to Super Safety with Super Dave Osborne
Product Code: KSS
Running Time: 15 minutes

Super Dave Osborne, a world-renowned daredevil, discusses the fact that “injuries don’t just happen to other people”…they can happen to anyone (even Super Dave) unless proper precautions are taken. This program contains just the right amount of humor combined with serious instruction to help your employees understand the “Keys to Super Safety”.
  • This program is a re-make of WorkSafe TV. We took out a lot of the humor and added some seriousness to it, as well as a bunch of content.
  • Staying focused on the job task at hand and following safety procedures at all times.
  • Wearing the proper PPE each & every time, no matter how small the job.
  • Recognizing, correcting and/or reporting unsafe conditions as soon as possible.
  • Being aware that the employee plays the biggest role in their personal safety.

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Keys to Super Safety

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