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High Impact: Welding Safety
Product Code: WDS
Running Time: 19 minutes

Accidents in the workplace are especially dangerous when any type of welding is involved. As part of our best selling “High Impact Series”, this training video provides a dynamic accident prevention program that stresses the importance of welding safety. This safety video demonstrates six graphic accident examples from OSHA files covering regulations and preventative measures that are essential in maintaining personal and workplace safety in the welding process. These dramatic demonstrations prove highly effective in reminding workers of welding hazards they may face when not properly and carefully executing proper operating procedures.  The following welding accident examples are analyzed in this safety video:
  • Sparks and slag from overhead welding operation ignites a plant-wide fire
  • Failure to use exhaust ventilation systems causes metal fume fever
  • Oxygen leaks from improper confined space procedures causes a welder’s clothes to catch on fire
  • A ladder that was cut from a production tower falls and kills an assistant
  • A maintenance mechanic is electrocuted when using an electric welder on a wet floor
  • A worker breaks company operating procedures for using welding tools and is killed in an explosion

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High Impact: Welding Safety

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