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2018 NFPA 70E: Safe Electrical Work Practices................................ Coming October.....Pre-Order NOW!
Product Code: NFPA18
Running Time: 26 minutes

This program provides an overview of the 2018 Edition of NFPA 70E which has changed since the last update in 2015.  One of the leading authorities on electrical safety is the National Fire Protection Association, the NFPA. Their document number 70E is recognized by many regulatory authorities and organizations as the “best practices” for electrical safety.  Every year, electrical workers are seriously injured or killed by contacting energized parts or being subjected to an electrical arc flash.  To prevent these types of incidents, these workers and the organizations for which they work must understand and follow up-to-date electrical safety-related electrical work practices, maintenance requirements and administrative controls.
    • What the approach boundaries and how their distances are determine.
    • What skills qualified workers must be able to demonstrate.
    • How to properly select arc-rated clothing and protective equipment.
    • What levels of protection are required in each of the four PPE Categories.
    • How an electrically safe working condition is created.
    • When energized work is permitted.
    • What information can be found on an energized electrical work permit.

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